NaaPI(नापी) is a Tool aka an Android App developed by M&S Developers (, for all of the requirements in Land Measurement related Activities. NaaPI is now no longer limited within the boundaries of Nepal, it has been widely supported by users all over the world because of its handiness and ease of use. Eventhough there are Nepal-Locale specific Area Units included, it can be easily customized from the settings within the App to suit it to other Users as well.

Current Version: 11.0.0


NaaPI has evolved/iterated numerous time over all these years since it was first launced in '15/16, to this stage by improving functionalities, usability and adding many new features that users requested in the run as part of user feedback. NaaPI made its first step in development in the year of 2015/16 and since then it has been growing continuosly and will continue to do so.


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